April 02, 2024

Moving Beyond the Basics

Have you ever struggled to fire your sales team up?
Are they bored with the same version of training done to death?

How often have you heard the over used line "Back to Basics?

From experience if you want to get your sales team performing, the answer is not in "The Basics". Most salespeople have the basics down pat.

The consequences?
-Wasted time
-Increase negativity
-Decrease engagement
-Increase the likelihood of salespeople leaving
-Missed opportunities

What a mess.

Donald engaged me and I have been training the team for over 8 months. Throughout the training the team has come to realise that success comes from the mind which leads the actions. An engaged mind is a motivated mind.

One of the biggest benefits has been to Donald himself. A new level of enthusiasm he calls it, for the business and for life.

In training the team has learnt how to:
-Tap into their inner desires to succeed
-Understand what makes them tick
-Deal with pressure and use it as a fuel
-How to read their clients better
-Become assertive and ask for what they want
get more meetings and close more deals.
THE ROI is healthy.

If you are ready to finally to do something different, and train your team to drive real results, then reach out to me. Book a time on by clicking here.

The insights on that call could be just what you need to take your sales to the next level.
March 06, 2024

The Kickstart 2024 Experience

Last week, I had the pleasure of speaking at the Barry Plant Kickstart 2024 Conference in Melbourne, sharing insights with two fantastic groups: property managers attending "Emotional Intelligence: How to Maintain Your Cool," and the sales team attending "Psychology in Selling."

Both sessions focused on equipping attendees with powerful tools to elevate their performance. Here are some key takeaways that every salesperson can benefit from:

1. Embrace the Power of Mindset: As a salesperson, your success relies heavily on your mindset. You have to be willing to think differently. Instead of falling into negative thought patterns, cultivate a growth mindset. This means believing in your ability to learn and improve, even during setbacks.

2. Channel Your Energy Strategically: Enthusiasm is crucial in sales, but it's vital to channel that energy strategically. Develop the ability to calmly assess situations and tailor your approach accordingly. This allows you to build rapport with clients, navigate challenging conversations, and ultimately close more deals.

3. Understand the Psychology of Decision-Making: People are complex and their buying decisions are influenced by a multitude of factors, often going beyond just the product or service itself. Understanding the psychology of decision-making allows you to anticipate your client's needs, address their concerns, and connect with them on an emotional level. This fosters trust and positions you as a trusted advisor, not just a salesperson.

4. Continuous Learning is Key: The landscape of sales is constantly evolving. Stay ahead of the curve by dedicating time to continuous learning. This can involve attending workshops and conferences like Barry Plant Kickstart, taking online courses, or simply reading industry publications. By consistently learning and expanding your knowledge base, you'll be well-equipped to adapt and thrive in any situation.

5. Building Relationships Matters: Remember, people do business with people they know, like, and trust. Focus on building genuine relationships with your clients, not just closing deals. Invest time in getting to know them, understanding their needs, and exceeding their expectations. This approach fosters long-term loyalty and positive word-of-mouth referrals.

These insights are just the tip of the iceberg. Implementing these strategies takes dedication and practice. However, by making a conscious effort to think differently, manage your energy strategically, and prioritize relationship building, you'll be well on your way to becoming a top performer.

A special thank you to the Barry Plant team for putting on such a well-organized and valuable event.
February 12, 2024

Riding the Waves of Success: A Personal Reflection

Reflecting on the recent Australian Open, I couldn't help but draw parallels between the world of tennis and the challenges we face in our professional lives. The spotlight revealed a stark contrast between players who thrive under pressure and those who, unfortunately, succumb to the weight of the moment.

At the highest echelons of tennis, it's clear that the pursuit of Grand Slam titles transcends mere financial incentives. Take Sinner, for instance, who exudes calmness amidst the storm, contrasting sharply with Zverev, who lets unhelpful emotions derail his journey to the final. It's a pattern we've witnessed before, notably at the US Open, where pressure got the better of him despite holding match points.

Now, let's shift our focus to the corporate arena. How often have we witnessed sales professionals acing training sessions, effortlessly navigating tricky client questions, only to falter when face-to-face with clients?

So, what's the remedy?

There are two schools of thought on addressing this challenge.

1️⃣ The Traditional Approach: Imagine a traditional business diligently training its sales team, equipping them with scripts to address every objection. Yet, let's consider a scenario where a seasoned salesperson faces an unexpected client curveball. Despite the extensive training, they stumble, struggling to regain composure. This approach raises the subtle question: Why do businesses employing conventional methods often find it challenging to achieve sustained growth?

2️⃣ The Empowering Approach: Now, envision a transformative strategy embraced by a forward-thinking company like Apple. Beyond rigid scripts, Apple taps into the intrinsic motivations and creativity of its employees. This approach not only fosters resilience but also sparks innovative solutions to unforeseen challenges. It beckons the question: Why does Apple continue to grow, creating meaningful change, while many businesses struggle to break free from conventional molds?

Now, consider the crucial role of organizational and personal values in this growth journey. Hard values such as revenue, growth, sales, and profits are undeniably important, but they are interwoven with soft values that drive them.

Approach number one often falls short in addressing this critical aspect. Traditional training tends to focus solely on hard metrics and sales techniques, neglecting the foundational elements that drive long-term success. The transformative approach, however, recognizes the significance of values, both organizational and personal, fostering a culture where employees understand their intrinsic motivations and align them with the company's vision.

Yet, the conflicts between organizational values and personal values are not just abstract concepts—they have tangible impacts on business performance, culture, and employee well-being.

Which method do you favour?
January 23, 2024

Three Performance Habits That You Should Adopt Today

Here are three performance habits that you should adopt today.

Habit #1 – They Generate Energy

Richard Branson famously wakes up at 5am and exercises during the morning to generate the energy he needs for the day. If you read into any successful person, you’ll usually find that they have some sort of exercise routine. Or, they meditate or take quick breaks to take their minds off work for a moment. An energised person can attack a task with greater vigour. When you’re starting to flag, find a way to energise yourself. You’ll spark your mind back into life in the process.

Habit #2 – They Create Necessity

Psychology plays such a huge role in success. If you attach necessity to what you’re doing, you’re far more likely to succeed. We see this in athletes who dedicate their performances to their parents. They’ve created a psychological advantage because they have to do something for the people they care about. When sales becomes a necessity, rather than an option, you’re more likely to succeed.

Habit #3 – They Have Courage

Change of any type requires courage. It’s far too easy to fall back into your comfort zone. As a sales professional, doing that means you’re not adapting to your audience. You’re not looking for ways to meet their needs and change based on the environment presented to you. Successful people have the self-awareness needed to recognise when they have to change. More importantly, they have the courage needed to see that change through.
December 22, 2023

Myths and Theories About Success

Let’s first dispel some myths and theories about success.

We have all been told:

• Hard work will always pay off. Sorry, hard work alone does not guarantee success. At a higher level, everyone works hard. Then there’s the problem of working hard at the wrong thing. That can actually set you back.

• Stick to the same process. Sorry, sometimes your processes – be it in sales, or sport – need an upgrade, and so does your mentality. Just like the upgrade of an operating system for a computer. Doing the wrong things repeatedly can ruin your sales mentality.

• Keep practising and you’ll succeed. Sorry, if you keep practising mindlessly, without strategy, structure, and awareness, it’s probably the fastest way to fail. This applies to sport as well as sales scripts and dialogues.

So, what’s the right way to improve? To get unprecedented success?

Let’s reframe the statements above:

• Review your processes and look at new ways to improve.
• Work hard to implement new processes and ideas into your routine jobs to find a new and more successful way forward.
• Practise is imperative to improving. However, the quality of your practise is often more important than the quantity. We all know success is a state of mind.

But what most salespeople and even sales directors and business owners don’t know is that there are two states of mind needed for practise to be able to apply what you have learnt.

• The training mentality – technical focus.
• The trusting mentality – flow focus.

Unfortunately, most learning is done with the training mentality – the grinding, repetitive work until you can remember your lines, like rote learning from school days.

It’s no wonder that salespeople get bored, as the training reminds them of the classroom.

In the trusting mentality, you learn to let things happen.
December 11, 2023

The Razor’s Edge

Do you run Away from Fear or move Towards it with excitement?

Do you anticipate and eagerly await the unknown or retreat to the safety of familiar thoughts and strategies and processes?

Inadvertingly if you are the person that follows the familiar path you also prevent progress, in you and your sales teams.

Are you feeling the pressure to constantly deliver results and meet expectations?

As a salesperson, you operate in a dynamic and demanding environment, constantly striving to deliver results, meet expectations, and adapt to the changing market. The pressures and the weight of expectations and the relentless pursuit of results can be overwhelming…for some!

Underneath most people's self-imposed limitations is the river of Fear…most won’t admit it.

Welcome to the Razors Edge.
Scott Robertson's journey as the new All Blacks' coach mirrors the experiences of many business leaders. As one of the most dominant coaches in Super Rugby History, he is about to take that formula into coaching the most dominant sports team in the world, the All Blacks.

He is facing a team grappling with change, the need for broader reach, and the increasing demands for transparency and accessibility and the demand from every Kiwi that they win every test, losing is not an option.

Just as Robertson embraced these challenges, so too can business leaders. It was done with an appetite for change and embracing fear, which is the reason why the old guard was finally removed.

The intensity of purpose and deliberate focus on the development of mentally tough players has been a hallmark of his coaching philosophy. Skill sets follow later, but until you teach people how to embrace fear, you’re teaching little sales tricks here and there hoping for a sustained change that will never come.
For many of our clients, we focus on building the character of the people to handle life’s and business pressures.. dealing with fear and knowing it will always be there, and embracing the challenge.

Oh, one final observation, look at Scott’s eyes, they have an energy that burns intensity.

December 05, 2023

Understanding Decision Triggers

Have you ever noticed when some people make a decision to solve a problem, they are never happy?

And sometimes you offer the same solution to someone else, they are overjoyed?

This is one of the areas we teach salespeople to understand human behaviour, more importantly how people make decisions and that these decisions are repeating patterns, you just need to know how to identify them.

Having recently wrapped up a training session with the sales team at Cutlers in Dunedin. I was able to share my knowledge and experience on Decision Triggers, helping participants understand how to identify and leverage these powerful tools to close more deals and guide their customers towards confident purchasing decisions. 🤝

Here are some of the key takeaways from the training:
*Understanding the different types of decision triggers that influence purchasing decisions
*Developing the ability to recognise decision triggers in customer interactions
*Crafting compelling sales scripts that resonate with decision triggers
*Navigating common objections effectively using decision triggers as a foundation

For salespeople seeking to upgrade their skills and achieve sales success, you can reach out to me and we can explore how Decision Triggers can become a valuable strategy to you 🚀
December 04, 2023

Defining Sales Goals

Are your sales goals vague and uninspiring?
Lack the clarity to drive action and motivation?

Recently, I had the opportunity to delve into this topic with the genesIT sales team. We focussed on crafting clear, attainable goals, tailored to each individual's strengths and the team's collective objectives.

Setting specific, relevant goals ensures that every team member's efforts contribute meaningfully to the team's overall success.

Some takeaways:
1. Flexibility is key in sales 📈
Regularly adjusting goals based on market trends and customer feedback allows for quick and effective responses to changing circumstances.

2. Teamwork is essential in achieving sales goals - individual and team. By combining individual talents, not only can the team can face challenges more effectively and achieve collective success, but the individual is also motivated to move ahead for personal goals. This also boosts team morale and fosters an environment of shared learning and growth.

Let's face it, when you're motivated, moving forward is easy.
November 28, 2023

Aligning Goals and Sales Processes

Setting goals can dramatically transform your sales process 🎯
In a recent training with the dynamic team at Digital02, we explored how clarity of objectives guides every stage of customer interaction.

Through a blend of theory and practical exercises, we demonstrated the importance of a structured sales process and how each step contributes to achieving sales targets.

We also emphasised the need for adaptability, where understanding and responding to evolving customer needs and market trends is very important 📈

A key takeaway was the integration of goals with the sales process. When these elements work together, they create a powerful framework for success.

But this isn't a one-time effort, it's an ongoing journey of learning and growth.

Staying informed, open to feedback, and committed to self-improvement are essential traits for any successful sales professional.
November 22, 2023

Balancing Strategy and Mindset

Strategy is as Important as Mindset

This is an important lesson for any salesperson to take away.

You can have the right mentality and still fail to execute because you’re using the wrong strategy.

In those situations, your mindset almost doesn’t matter.

You’re doomed to failure from the start.

Put it like this.

If you have a terrible script that’s not telling the clients how your product benefits them, you’re never going to make a sale.

It doesn’t matter how enthusiastic you are.

Your strategy’s all wrong.

Don't be so consumed by your winning mindset that you don't approach the fight from the correct strategic standpoint.