March 19, 2024

The Psychology Behind Winning Leads and Converting ‘No’ to ‘Yes’

Why do so many salespeople play an exhausting numbers game in getting leads?
Why is pre-planning your follow-up call on the initial call vital in turning an initial "No" into a possible "Yes" later so important?

Here are two key points that affect your psychology and your results:
*Don’t expect to get an appointment on every call.
*Have a strategically created script that incorporates humour in the response to a "No" and learn to reframe the objection and deliver it with a smile.

In a competitive market such as cleaning, I trained the call center team by radically changing their script and spent months working on their psychology. This eventually increased the number of appointments by over 35% per month. By the way, this is a continual process; you don’t get results like this in a one-day workshop.

It’s one thing to be in the right mindset; you also need a script that works to open up a closed-minded prospect. You need to prepare for this, both mentally and structurally.

Typically, in this sector, and many others such as real estate, automotive, and technology, no one plans for the follow-up call in 3-5 months.

Imagine receiving a call where the caller is friendly, and uses humour to disarm the initial resistance, and this leads to the client opening up and telling you their situation.

By not disagreeing with them initially and using humor, you leave the initial contact with the client feeling good. This strategy is deliberate and leaves the call center or salesperson mentally in a good place to continue making prospecting calls. The client will remember the call when you follow them up; everyone wins.

THE PAYOFF is HUGE, financially and emotionally for you. Well, think about what a 35%-40% increase in qualified appointments per month would mean to you.

Unfortunately, far too many people think that sales is a numbers game, primarily because they don’t know how to examine every part of the sales process and make it effective.
Having a background in psychology, my immediate thought is always, "How can I leave this conversation and make that person happy they received my call?" This also applies when I teach salespeople.

Too many salespeople burn through leads and miss the big opportunity to have well-structured conversations, leaving a great first impression on the prospect, and can be very confident of following up with the prospect in a few months knowing that the client will remember them.

Business development does not have to be a stressful grind if you know how. If you feel that your sales process needs a review and potentially an overhaul, book a time with me.