November 09, 2023

What do the top tennis players do?

What do the top tennis players do?

Federer, Nadal and Djokovic all adjusted their favorite go to patterns.

Federer in the 2017 Aussie Open final hit through Nadal especially on his backhand.

It took him 7 years to change a losing pattern and he won!

How did they know that they needed to change ?

Every game is analyzed in tennis. They and their coaches go over their statistics.

Numbers don’t lie! They remove the emotion around change.

From there they make adjustments on the practice court.

That’s what’s required to evolve your game!

Sales is no different!

So do you know your numbers around your favorite patterns?

You know the scripts you’ve been using for many years!

How much time have you spent evolving yourself, changing your patterns?

What has prevented you from changing?

Do you know how?

What are your favorite patterns when dealing with price objections?