April 29, 2024

Understanding Archetypes in Sales

Do you ever sometimes fail to control your rage?

Do you struggle to turn off when you get home?

Are you highly competitive and have to win at everything no matter what?

Many salespeople have a natural tendency to be highly competitive and yet some fail to control that power drive, what Jung called the Warrior Archetype.

The result is often exhaustion, both mental, emotional and physical, you could call it leading to an explosion and eventually burn out.

The consequences of uncontrolled Warrior Energy?
-Missed opportunities
-Lack the ability to think clearly
-Little action
-Relationships damaged, personal and professional

What this person typically displays is a Fixed Mindset.

They are so action oriented that they fail to back that action with clear thinking to improve.

The cost is huge.
Acting without thought has limited use.

In fact, a salesperson who came to me, asked me what specific areas I work with million-dollar producers. My response surprised him.

It was teaching them to understand themselves, self-awareness and emotional intelligence.
If you learn how to use this motivational power correctly the rewards and speed at which you move to your goals are amazing.

In our training if you go through the Psychological Personal Development Course your life will not be the same.

You’ll discover how to:
-Tap into your motivation and desires without acting like you're out of control
-You’ll learn new knowledge and implement faster
-You’ll learn how to manage your mind

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The insights could be just what you need to take your career to the next level.

July 18, 2023

Unveiling the Character and Flaws in Your Sales Approach

Why I enjoy making cold calls!

Answer this question if you dare!

If you were to sell against yourself, what would you do to make yourself lose?

I bet you know the answer.

  • It could be a host of mental challenges like fear of picking up the phone, rejection, procrastination, lack of self-belief, etc.

  • It could be you're poorly organised.

  • It could be you're burnt out

  • or you just don't know what to do to change your results.

The answers will provide you with an insight into your character, mindset, and also FLAWS with your script strategy.