April 11, 2024

What Salespeople Can Learn from the Brisbane Broncos Coach’s

How the Brisbane Broncos Coach Practiced Absolute Control and What That Means for You as a Sales

Any rugby league fans will instantly recognise the name Wayne Bennett.

For over 800 games, he guided the Brisbane Broncos to success after success. As a rugby coach, he has very few peers.

And he also has a very important lesson to teach to any sales leaders out there.

There’s one thing that Bennett did when he first started working for the Broncos that you can learn from.

Taking Absolute Control

Bennett laid down his law from the second he took the Broncos’ coaching position.
He told all of the key decision-makers that he was the one in charge of the team.

Bennett wanted no interference from them and he’d shoulder the responsibility for everything that came of that request.

As he puts it:

"There was a discussion I had with them where I said that I want total control of team selection, total control over who came to play at the club and total control of the staff.”

Bennett took absolute control from the off.

How does this apply to sales leaders?

To gain a measure of control over yourself and your team, you have to believe that you can control your environment.

That’s what Bennett did when he made his request.

He knew that he needed to surround himself with the right people to drive the Broncos to success. Bennett took control of his environment and created a melting pot of talent and creativity that benefitted the team.
As a sales leader, it’s crucial that you do the same.

We’ve all heard the old adage that too many cooks can spoil the broth.

If you’re constantly having to adapt to unnecessary interference from others, your team might suffer.

Take absolute control of your environment and you’ll improve as a sales leader.