August 24, 2023

What Type Of Selling Job Is Suitable For Your Personality Style?

As a sales director, hiring the wrong salesperson can be a significant cost not only in training but 💲opportunity and brand cost

Let’s examine 3 types of sales jobs

1. If your business is retail, say a coffee shop and the salesperson’s role is to fill the order.
This is called Master-Servant Selling. A short sales cycle, and usually a low dollar value doesn’t require too much rapport.

2. In retail shops where different products are sold on counters, say perfumes, this is called Counter-Selling, usually building rapport is not that deep or required

3. In complex sales, such as technology or financial products, where the client needs information from you, before making a buying decision , this is called influence selling or persuasion. The salesperson asks detailed questions and identifies problems and potential pains and helps the client in resolving these issues. This makes the contribution of the salesperson important in the decision making process. The salesperson usually has knowledge of the market the client operates in and insights into their problems. Building trust is very important and a critical skill.

In the Master-Servant or Counter-Selling, the exchanging of information and developing deep rapport is generally not required in getting the sale. Usually the decision to buy a particular product is made by the client with very little influence by the salesperson

In complex sales your ability to In influence or persuade selling is crucial, you must be able to communicate, build trust and be very confident and comfortable in asking difficult questions and negotiating to move deals forward. Often there are multiple people involved and maybe a longer sales cycle.

As you can see each type of sales job also requires different sales skills and mindsets not to mention different sales scripts.

Many sales directors make the mistake of hiring the wrong skill sets as well as the wrong mindsets for their sales roles.

If you have a sales team, or your a salesperson do the FREE Emotional Intelligence test and see what type of personality trait you have and watch out for the next post which will provide insights about your particular EI AND job suitability.