May 21, 2024

7 Secret Personality Traits Of Top Performers

1. Emotional detachment to fear ( emotional autonomy)
2. Attached to getting the result
3. Selling is personal
4. Firm boundaries
5. Non reactive to rejection and unrealistic demands
6. Desires success
7. Respect clients without needing validation

This short list of some of the key psychological traits that I’ve found having trained hundreds of salespeople.

Do you spot any on that list that affect you?

The image is a symbol that if you want to work on these areas then you need to go deep into your psyche.
That’s where the answers are!

As you can see some of those traits can take time to develop but imagine what the difference would be in your life and career?

What if you never felt FEAR?
What would you be able to do?
What if you never felt REJECTION?

Think about how you would act 24/7?

Interested in changing?
First step read the eBook on the 7 psychological mistakes and how to fix them. Click here to download.