July 05, 2023

Mastering Appointment Setting: Unlocking the Psychology of Cold Calling

How would you like people to call you back to book a time to meet you after you leave a voicemail?

I just ran a training session on the Brain Science of Appointment Setting for McConnell Dowell.
Matthew Bourn
McConnell Bourn

We cold-called people to get meetings.

The first thing the team needed to understand was the psychology of a Cold Caller.

I owned my call centre and personally have made over 220,000 cold calls.
Sold door to door and understand the psychology that salespeople feel when being rejected.

The result
10 appointments booked in one hour
3 voicemails were left and 3 meetings were booked from those voicemails
We went through a mind management technique and moved towards the friction, the challenge.

The objective of the session: Have conversations, no targets.

The result
-The team had fun and began to understand the discipline to set aside time to prospect
-The discipline to stick to the script
-The discipline of selling the meeting not your knowledge

Understanding that the process they were taught can be applied to different parts of the sales process

The question to ask yourself is "What is one appointment worth to you?'
What would 5 meetings be worth to you?