June 19, 2024

Man’s Search For Meaning

If you want to stop feeling sorry for yourself…then

If you’re needing inspiration...then

If you want to develop true grit…then

READ this book
Man’s Search For Meaning by Viktore Frankl

This book is one I always give my new clients to read, hoping that the book will make them think about their situation and that there is always hope when things aren’t going well.

If you can look for the lesson in the problem or challenges, you will find them.

This book is a clear demonstration of the power of the mind and importantly the power behind meaning.

The major lesson here is any event that happens to you good or bad, is given a meaning by you.

This in fact is the structure of all beliefs. Before any reality turns up a belief creates it.
In the terrible conditions of the Nazi camps, some prisoners believed they could survive to see their families and while others didn't believe enough.
In fact all our results are in fact a clear demonstration of our beliefs.

You must believe that you can deal with any challenges and you will

You must believe that getting Nos is required to get the Yes

You must believe that you have the determination to succeed

Well think of it this way, if the reverse is happening in your life, you probably believe that?

In fact one of my clients mentioned after they read the book, they realized that anything was possible, you just have to decide on a course action and take intelligent action.