December 20, 2023

Sales and Service Performance: A Case Study with Hornsby BMW Service Manager, Michael Di Lieto

How is it possible to increase sales and service numbers without any sales training?

Hear from Michael Di Lieto, Service Manager at Hornsby BMW, as he shares his inspiring experience with the People Who Read People sales training program.

The funny thing is over this whole year that I have been training the sales teams and the service teams I have not trained any sales training or communication training, yet the huge improvement in numbers is across the whole dealership.

100% of success is Psychological, the only thing that delivers your results is the way you think.

How you interpret information coming at you, your own perceptions of that information, acknowledging your areas of weakness, and doing something about it.

It's the willingness to embrace thinking differently.
It's the willingness to be uncomfortable to confront your fears to get a different result.

Otherwise, you get what you always have.

Invest in your team, invest in your future.