May 22, 2024

Belief Busters: Why Salespeople Need to Understand Client Beliefs

Some of the areas I spoke about in the Sales Kick-off Event for Barry Plant were on a variety of topics such as:
Perceptions of reality impacting on our beliefs
How do we represent reality in our minds?

Why it’s important to understand the structure of Beliefs as they do create your realities, good or bad. It’s even more important to understand the structure of the beliefs of your clients if you want to change their beliefs, such as them needing to get another quote or reduce your fee or price.

When this happens a client is expressing a belief that may have no relevance in the present discussion, yet it’s as real as today for the client.

The biggest problem for most salespeople, when this occurs, is how to change that belief of the client.
How frustrating is that?
Why salespeople should see themselves as Ghostbusters…NO, I meant Belief Busters.

Think about it this way, for a long time everyone believed the world was flat, most people didn’t even think about it. It was a world view, it was convenient. It was in fact dangerous to challenge that belief because you could pay for it by being burned at the stake as a heretic. Its one of the reasons why people fight change as no one wants to change a belief that could potentially prove you wrong.

So what’s the answer?
You need to understand the structure of that belief on multiple levels as most people aren’t even aware of these beliefs, they just act them out. Think of a young child screaming because they won't get what they want to know, that is a belief in action.

In negotiations the clients’ beliefs are so important to identify and if needed change which is what a great negotiator would do.

As you can see Sales is a Psychological Process, like playing chess, with Strategy you’ll rise to the top.

We are moving into the Thinking Economy, if you can’t think creatively, and strategically and connect with people on a deep emotional level then AI might do it for you.