December 14, 2023

Understanding the Intersection of Facts, Feelings, and Awareness in Sales

Developing your awareness around facts feelings and awareness.

I've had many people contact me directly asking how best to develop the skill in understanding the difference between a fact a feeling and a perception.

A lot of the time I spend in training salespeople is in the area of emotional intelligence

The main reason behind this is because it develops self awareness

Sales people need to understand the difference between awareness and self awareness

Awareness is through your five senses what the means is all your awareness is external

Self awareness is all about tuning into your internal world of thoughts, feelings and emotions

This is the major area that most sales people struggle with

Most people don't actually know how to deal with their emotions or perceptions and then they struggle to deal with the reality of their results, which are the facts

A classic issue is rejection. If you can look at the facts around your rejection and examine your feelings and then think about how you perceive yourself and how others perceive you

Once you have done this you may find that your view on the rejection may not be as bad as you thought

I can guarantee the action you take to correct your sales process and mindset will be dramatic

The mistake sales people make is they think that scripts and dialogues will be the key to closing more deals

It's more about you than you realise

Changing behaviour takes time

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