August 08, 2023

Avoiding Common Sales Mistakes: Getting Appointments with Prospects

Where do most salespeople miss out on getting the appointment?

Once the salespersons got the interest by asking a good opening question

They then blow it

They see it as a signal to start telling the suspect(not prospect at this stage )all about themselves, or their products and services.

Instead of selling intrigue and value with another question they dump information hoping something will stick.

The goal here is to get the suspect talking…but not to much, you’re trying to provoke thinking

So how long should you keep talking
Personally I don’t like to talk a lot on the call, I’ll ask perhaps 1-2 questions and then close.

The objective is you’re selling the next step.

Unless you have a product or service that is a one call close your focus is to sell the next step, could be another call or a meeting

How many times have you fallen into the trap of talking too much when a suspect takes an interest in the subject your talking about?

Someone who likes you…

Naturally you think they’re interested and after making 50-60 calls you’ve finally found someone who wants to talk you.

This is both a skills issue as well as behavioral issue

This lack of skill also plays out when you finally get a meeting.

Well think about this way.

How much is each call worth to you.
If you’re sick and tired of playing a numbers game… it’s an easy fix