July 04, 2023

The Value of “Live” Emotional Intelligence Training for Salespeople: Unveiling the Key Traits of Top Performers

What is the true value of having your salespeople go through “live“ Emotional Intelligence training with their peers?

At a recent training session at Lexus, I often get asked what’s the difference between a hunter and a farmer by sales directors and managers.
Lexus of Canberra
What are the intangibles in the emotional makeup that separate good performers from great producers?

What most sales directors often ask me is how can I get all my salespeople to copy my top performers.

-What are their traits?
-How are they so focused?
-How do they keep going no matter what?

We answered that question by having the team go through our emotional intelligence test and they started to see the differences between each other…their traits.

We then profiled the specific traits, strengths, challenges and how to work on their weaknesses.

One of the most important things is each salesperson could see what specific areas the top person had and also their potential weaknesses.

The major benefit is that the performers who want to improve their results can understand why the top salespeople continuously hit their numbers and what behaviours they could copy that could potentially get them good results as well.

This is one fundamental point lost on many people is that we learn by copying others. We learnt to walk by watching and copying others, so why not teach others the specific behaviours of top performers? There is no need to re-invent, just copy.

There’s no point in learning self-awareness if you can’t identify what trait you should be aware of if you want to build that behaviour into yourself or others.

I then introduced them to a profile of a million-dollar producer.

Wait for the next post to see their numbers and why they are top producers no matter what is happening in the environment.