February 01, 2024

The Essential Mental Skill for Managers

What specific mental skill does a manager need to improve their ability to develop and get the best out of their people?

Just concluded an insightful training session at Bayford VW Melbourne, where I had the privilege of delving into the essential mental skills that empower managers to bring out the best in their teams.
Bayford Group
As a manager myself, I recognize the pivotal role we play in navigating the challenges of leading people and extracting their optimal performance. The demands of the role can be intense, and the emotional journey, both within ourselves and with our team members, can be quite the roller coaster.

During our session, we took a deep dive into the various processes that influence our managerial effectiveness. Identifying the obstacles that hinder our performance, especially when it comes to managing people, was a crucial step. We then delved into the impact of our beliefs on our ability to instigate positive change.

One powerful framework we explored is the ""Add, Improve, Remove"" strategy:
ADDING unwavering resilience: Recognizing the importance of adopting a teaching mindset to empower and uplift the team.

IMPROVING patience and focus: Enhancing our ability to concentrate on specific areas of improvement within both the department and our people.

REMOVING the inclination to provide immediate answers: Encouraging the team to follow a collaborative process in problem-solving.

By proactively addressing these aspects, managers discovered opportunities to enhance their skill sets in critical areas. I am passionate about fostering an environment where challenges are seen as opportunities for growth.