June 10, 2024

What Key Factors Cause Or Stimulate Procrastination?

The result of all the stress is it affects our physical health just as much as our mental well-being.

What key factors cause or stimulate procrastination?

There are some key contributors to procrastination, and I have listed three key ones to focus on.

  • Behavioural

  • Cognitive

  • Environmental

  • Community

  • Cultural

The question if you struggle with procrastination is to ask yourself the question” How do you ensure that you do the task when it needs to be done?

So, what is the solution?

In cognitive behavioural therapy the focus is to understand the trigger event that creates the feeling of anxiety or the fear of failure and to learn how to dispute those thoughts.

Catastrophising the outcome is the biggest challenge for most people and understanding and disputing is key.

Is it simple to overcome?

Yes, though it does need continual work as the habit is usually ingrained and for most part unconscious.

The role of the therapist is to bring extract those thoughts and once that is done the role of diminishing their hold and using them as motivational triggers is key to finding a solution.

There is also a requirement to improve your EQ, to develop the self-awareness of those thoughts to overcome procrastination.

Introspection and reflection are practices required to develop strategies that work for you. For some people the environment can play a part and for some talking to a mentor.

You must examine what modality you relate to and one that is linked to you actioning a task that you enjoy.

This is the process of mapping across certain behaviours that work in one context and can be used to help you in another.

An ideal solution to overcome procrastination is to work on taking one small step.