December 13, 2023

Coachability in Sales: Turning Weakness into Strength

The good news is that coachability can also be nurtured.

This is where understanding what motivates your people comes in.

A person who seems un-coachable may actually just have high competitive drive, seeing negative feedback as a threat and responding defensively.

That’s a weakness that can be turned into a strength.

Identifying and addressing this, however, requires focussed, individual development and a dynamic approach.

So much training today only creates motivation through hype: in other words, amping your people up through positivity.

While that might last for a day or week, it doesn’t create lasting results.

Instead, turning a seemingly un-coachable seller around means getting to the root of their behaviours and attitudes.

Of course, not every low performer can be turned into a superstar, but the patterns driving low performance are often repeating.

Motivational training typically produces only a short spike in productivity.

But, when you figure out what motivates your people and incentivise them accordingly, there’s little need for endless hype.

In the words of Jim Collins, “Get the right people on the bus and the wrong people off.”

I would add stop letting the wrong people on in the first place, but, if one slips through from time to time, don’t try to hype them up: coach them.

Makes sense?