December 15, 2023

High Expectations?

If anyone watched the Federer v Anderson match in Wimbledon, they would have been stunned at Federer losing when he had match points in the third set to close out the match

Afterwards Federer said he was not physically fatigued, but rather mentally struggling. He stated he was unable to create more opportunities.

As one of the most creative players that ever played the game, this is one areas he never struggled with.

This comment indicates how he is feeling and his attitude towards dealing with pressure.

Many of you many not know it, but I would also say Federer this year has been playing with a bit of irritation.

He is not normally one that is impacted by external factors and is able to maintain a positive state.

After winning the Australian Open, something affected his normally calm self.

A few months after the Australian Open he started exhibiting abnormal behaviours such as arguing the ref and becoming frustrated with opponents - ultimately losing

It is interesting to note that he won two grand slam titles that year (2017) as well, when the pressure was of from the public and most importantly his own expectations were low.

He played with freedom to express himself and stunned the top players. He played as if he had no fear of losing, he was going to go for it no matter what… and it worked.

Come another year and now he is expected to win everything again. The pressure got to him without him realising it.

His team should have read the signs of this even in his playing style was different.

The lesson here is the one thing that people and especially sales people have to be aware of is: do not allow others to dictate what you should expect of yourself, even influence you regarding the type of goals you should be going for.

Be careful of people telling you this, especially people you don’t know. Take their good wishes in good faith but do not let them put pressure on you and do not let them influence

That is why is so important to be ware of how you are feeling about what’s going on with you. Feelings are often an indication something is not right.

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