April 02, 2024

Moving Beyond the Basics

Have you ever struggled to fire your sales team up?
Are they bored with the same version of training done to death?

How often have you heard the over used line "Back to Basics?

From experience if you want to get your sales team performing, the answer is not in "The Basics". Most salespeople have the basics down pat.

The consequences?
-Wasted time
-Increase negativity
-Decrease engagement
-Increase the likelihood of salespeople leaving
-Missed opportunities

What a mess.

Donald engaged me and I have been training the team for over 8 months. Throughout the training the team has come to realise that success comes from the mind which leads the actions. An engaged mind is a motivated mind.

One of the biggest benefits has been to Donald himself. A new level of enthusiasm he calls it, for the business and for life.

In training the team has learnt how to:
-Tap into their inner desires to succeed
-Understand what makes them tick
-Deal with pressure and use it as a fuel
-How to read their clients better
-Become assertive and ask for what they want
get more meetings and close more deals.
THE ROI is healthy.

If you are ready to finally to do something different, and train your team to drive real results, then reach out to me. Book a time on by clicking here.

The insights on that call could be just what you need to take your sales to the next level.