October 02, 2023

Is Your Sales Discovery Process Sabotaging Success?

Could Your Sales Discovery Process Be Sabotaging Your Sales Success?

The hidden purpose of a Sales Discovery Process is Self-Discovery for your client.
That’s right it's not about you!

Much like a meeting with a doctor, it starts with a diagnosis to understand the real issue, before the doctor prescribes a cure.

Where did I see this in action?

Listening to my father who is a retired plastic surgeon interview his patients.
Often at the end, the patient would say What happens next? ( This is a buying signal)

I rarely heard him say you need to do this?

Patience and structure. Think about how would you feel if you went to see a doctor and he started telling you how great he is, what degrees he has, how many patients he has worked on, and kept on telling you this without asking you anything about you until late in the meeting and by that time you have lost patience and have very little satisfaction and perhaps a loss of confidence?

In sales, discovery involves delving deeper to uncover what lies beneath the surface, much like peeling the layers of an onion. When interacting with potential clients, it's important to keep in mind the fundamental principles of discovery, ensuring that your goals and approach are aligned. This initial stage is critical for identifying the challenges and barriers that your client faces. Neglecting this step could result in missing out on a crucial aspect of the cause of the problem.

To have a successful meeting with a client, it's important to skilfully uncover their needs and goals. This includes understanding their challenges, what they require, what they hope to achieve and why is it a problem they want to fix.

Here's the secret to successful selling: engage your clients in meaningful dialogue by asking better questions, instead of dominating the conversation with your pitch and expertise. By doing so, you'll establish a deeper understanding of their needs and wants and be able to offer solutions that truly meet their unique requirements.

Remember, selling is about building trust and relationships, not simply pushing a product or service.

Guiding clients on a journey of self-discovery is a powerful approach that can lead to successful deals and improved satisfaction. By prioritising discovery and actively listening to your clients, you can build trust and foster a collaborative relationship. If you're interested in learning more about how to apply this approach in your work, don't hesitate to reach out. We're here to help you succeed.