March 12, 2024

Increased Appointments By 35%

How did this team increase appointments by 35% in one month and beat their personal best?

What would getting more appointments do for you?

Think about what each deal is worth to you. And when you do that, would getting more appointments be worth getting better at?

More appointments mean more opportunities to connect, build trust, and close deals. But securing those appointments can feel like an uphill battle.

I've developed a program that has helped numerous sales teams, including the amazing team at Namoli, nearly DOUBLE their appointments!

So, how'd they, do it?
It's not magic, it's strategic action based on proven psychological techniques and a rewrite of the whole script. The script was in their words like an essay.
Did it work?

Here are some key takeaways that you can apply to boost your appointment numbers:
1. Your emotional mindset plays a big part not only in making the calls but it also affects, your delivery, tone, rate of speech, and importantly how you manage dealing with getting more Nos.

2. Develop awareness of how your body is feeling, it’s a great way to measure your mindset.

3. Make the calls with no expectation of getting a meeting but focus on having a conversation. Guide the conversation and uncover valuable insights that help you demonstrate your understanding and expertise.

Remember, doubling your appointments doesn't happen overnight. It requires commitment, consistent effort, and continuous learning.

By investing in your mindset and your skillset, you too can dramatically increase your appointments. Don't hesitate to reach out and let's discuss how I can help your team achieve similar success.