May 29, 2024

The first 5 seconds of your call REALLY matter

I recently conducted a 4-hour appointment setting workshop with the amazing sales team at Hornsby BMW. This wasn't your typical training session - we dived deep into the science of peak performance, equipping them with the mental tools to crush their call goals.

If you ever struggled to get over call reluctance, then there are some key insights from this training that you might want to apply.

One of the key challenges in the automotive sector is that models are generally no longer in short supply, which often leads to clients slowing down their buying process.
Have you ever noticed that when something is in short supply you want it more but the moment its available easily, then the motivation to act slows down. You need to be aware of this psychological insight. Always learn to deal with reality. The environment changes.

So, there are some key mental and structural processes that you need to be aware of in order to set meetings with clients or in this case invite them to the dealership:

Key points
· Focus on being in a happy curious state before you pick up the phone
· Have a clear outcome for why you are doing this in your head
· Have a conversation in a friendly but firm business tone
· Ask for a meeting
· Follow the structure of the script
· Log your numbers

The reduction of any form of anxiety prior and during the call is important as the client can smell desperation. If you focus on having a well-constructed conversation and throw in some humour, and if they client does not want to meet with you, you are going to leave a great impression so that when you call them up later, they will remember it. No call is ever wasted.

I know this for a fact having owned and operated my own call centre, the first 5 seconds of the call make or break the rest of the call. That first 5 seconds is when you are in your head thinking all types of thoughts, usually negative, so you need to stop that chatter and focus on the ringing sound.
When you make over 220,000 cold calls you learn fast.

We also got tactical, with proven scripts and calling techniques designed to convert conversations into appointments. And to keep the energy high, we celebrated every win with a fun bell-ringing system – a constant reminder of the power of their persuasive skills.
May 27, 2024

The Power of Words in Sales Motivation

I want you to talk to yourself in your head, of course.

Don’t do it aloud with anyone around because they may think something is wrong with you.
Just kidding!

Say the following sentences out aloud

I WISH I could get two appointments today.
How do you feel when you say these words? When you say it, does it motivate you or it just doesn’t have enough juice for you to pick up the phone?

I’d LIKE to get two appointments today.
I WANT to get two appointments today.

Notice the difference in the words.

I NEED to get two appointments today.
I HAVE to get two appointments today.
I MUST get two appointments today.
I CAN get two appointments today.
I WILL get two appointments today.

Did you feel the difference from one sentence to another?

I’m GOING to get two appointments today.
How do you feel when saying this sentence?
Do you feel like taking action?

You may actually see yourself taking action right?
If you use the right tone you can create pictures in peoples minds where they experience what you say.
When people buy things they equally get a feeling and see themselves experiencing the product or service.

If you’re not able to do this you’re missing out on a lot of deals not to mention motivating yourself to pick up the phone.

Recently we ran a cold calling workshop for an agency and changed their scripts which sounded like they were written in the 80s.

No wonder their salespeople were mentally and physically exhausted. The motivation was there but not the strategy.
It’s as if they were sold the idea that if you keep making the calls you’ll get the meetings. Well yeah, it doesn’t take a genius to figure that out, but it does take someone to think differently if you want to get a better result.

The result a 25% improvement in appraisal numbers in one week.
Note that it’s the verb before the word “GET” which delivers the energy to the sentence.

This is the reason why most salespeople lose so many deals because no one pays any attention to the language and how it’s delivered.

Be careful with the language as you may talk yourself out of the game before you even picked up the phone

This principle also applies in professional sport. Imagine the All Blacks saying” I’d like to win today?”

This is what I see is the big gap. It’s not enough to provide scripts without strategy and psychology?
March 19, 2024

The Psychology Behind Winning Leads and Converting ‘No’ to ‘Yes’

Why do so many salespeople play an exhausting numbers game in getting leads?
Why is pre-planning your follow-up call on the initial call vital in turning an initial "No" into a possible "Yes" later so important?

Here are two key points that affect your psychology and your results:
*Don’t expect to get an appointment on every call.
*Have a strategically created script that incorporates humour in the response to a "No" and learn to reframe the objection and deliver it with a smile.

In a competitive market such as cleaning, I trained the call center team by radically changing their script and spent months working on their psychology. This eventually increased the number of appointments by over 35% per month. By the way, this is a continual process; you don’t get results like this in a one-day workshop.

It’s one thing to be in the right mindset; you also need a script that works to open up a closed-minded prospect. You need to prepare for this, both mentally and structurally.

Typically, in this sector, and many others such as real estate, automotive, and technology, no one plans for the follow-up call in 3-5 months.

Imagine receiving a call where the caller is friendly, and uses humour to disarm the initial resistance, and this leads to the client opening up and telling you their situation.

By not disagreeing with them initially and using humor, you leave the initial contact with the client feeling good. This strategy is deliberate and leaves the call center or salesperson mentally in a good place to continue making prospecting calls. The client will remember the call when you follow them up; everyone wins.

THE PAYOFF is HUGE, financially and emotionally for you. Well, think about what a 35%-40% increase in qualified appointments per month would mean to you.

Unfortunately, far too many people think that sales is a numbers game, primarily because they don’t know how to examine every part of the sales process and make it effective.
Having a background in psychology, my immediate thought is always, "How can I leave this conversation and make that person happy they received my call?" This also applies when I teach salespeople.

Too many salespeople burn through leads and miss the big opportunity to have well-structured conversations, leaving a great first impression on the prospect, and can be very confident of following up with the prospect in a few months knowing that the client will remember them.

Business development does not have to be a stressful grind if you know how. If you feel that your sales process needs a review and potentially an overhaul, book a time with me.

March 12, 2024

Increased Appointments By 35%

How did this team increase appointments by 35% in one month and beat their personal best?

What would getting more appointments do for you?

Think about what each deal is worth to you. And when you do that, would getting more appointments be worth getting better at?

More appointments mean more opportunities to connect, build trust, and close deals. But securing those appointments can feel like an uphill battle.

I've developed a program that has helped numerous sales teams, including the amazing team at Namoli, nearly DOUBLE their appointments!

So, how'd they, do it?
It's not magic, it's strategic action based on proven psychological techniques and a rewrite of the whole script. The script was in their words like an essay.
Did it work?

Here are some key takeaways that you can apply to boost your appointment numbers:
1. Your emotional mindset plays a big part not only in making the calls but it also affects, your delivery, tone, rate of speech, and importantly how you manage dealing with getting more Nos.

2. Develop awareness of how your body is feeling, it’s a great way to measure your mindset.

3. Make the calls with no expectation of getting a meeting but focus on having a conversation. Guide the conversation and uncover valuable insights that help you demonstrate your understanding and expertise.

Remember, doubling your appointments doesn't happen overnight. It requires commitment, consistent effort, and continuous learning.

By investing in your mindset and your skillset, you too can dramatically increase your appointments. Don't hesitate to reach out and let's discuss how I can help your team achieve similar success.
February 13, 2024

Overlooked to Overbooked?

How a longer script virtually doubled the number of appointments in a week at this call centre?

Meet Joka, one of the telemarketers from a call centre that I am training. When I presented the new script they all said it was so long. Joka took it upon herself, got the courage up, and started using it, and the result was more appointments booked than ever before.

As a current update, the number of appointments based upon last year is up significantly.

There is so much more to achieve these results than a script, the psychology of the person, the tone, the delivery, the pauses, and the practice.

In any script, there are key parts that need to be delivered just right as they have a massive impact on influencing the buyer to keep talking to you and book the meeting. If you give it the same importance as an actor delivering their lines, the results follow.

Having had my own call centre for over 15 years and having sat on the side of the phone making one call after another, it can be something that drains you or energises you. Your mentality is one area that is continuously challenged. As you can see it's just not about making calls.

The little things matter. If you are struggling to get your call centre to get you the number of appointments you expect, direct message me, and let's have a quick chat. By the way, this also applies to salespeople.

February 06, 2024

16 Meetings in 5 Days?

How a change in mindset resulted in 16 meetings booked in a week?

5 days after going through my training on the Science of Appointment Setting

This is what one of my clients reported after one week.

57 conversations in five days
16 meetings booked

Call volume up significantly, never made those number of calls in a week before.

One of the biggest problems that companies have is generating new business opportunities…consistently

How do you get salespeople to enjoy the process of making calls everyday and enjoy the process?

One of the keys is changing the way salespeople see the activity and then designing the activity that gently builds confidence and then builds momentum without the anxiety.

From my personal experience of making over 220,000 cold calls, the biggest hurdle is making that first call.
So I devised a plan that made it easy to make that first call.

The rest becomes easy after that.

Understanding the psychology of numbers is crucial and how they are presented to salespeople.
Once done the salespeople actually feel empowered to make the calls because they attach no emotion to the result.

The training is not a rev up session, there’s no pleading or ranting, telling the team to make more calls.

Well the thing is everyone knows that.

The plan is presented in a way that they buy into the process…they own it.

So the real issue is why don’t salespeople do the calls with the right mindset?

When you understand the mindset of salespeople and the psychology of of how numbers need to be presented you can change their perspectives, which leads to heightened motivation to make the calls without the fear of feeling like a failure or anxiety. Doubts and insecurities disappear.

What would an extra 7 meetings every week mean to you?
October 23, 2023

How a Call Strategy Boosted Meetings by 30% in Just 3 Months

How focusing on the bare minimum of calls per day increased meetings by 30% in 3 months!

That’s heard it.

Getting the sales team to make a low number of calls on a daily basis actually resulted in more meetings and this was prior to any training on appointment setting.

One of the cornerstones of success in sales is for the salesperson to understand the process of habit change in a particular area, but being made aware that external and internal factors are impacting on them.

Too many people rush in and generalise it to a growth mindset.

But what are you talking about when you say it’s a mindset issue?

Habit change is an inner game. It requires you to examine what you think and what you actually do are often poles apart. It’s about rationally reviewing the evidence of your thinking and this understanding rarely comes in a training session that tells you to make 100 calls and think positively, I am sure you realise this.

There are crucial conversations that need to be had with the team and the information provided has to stretch their mind to consider what could potentially be achieved and how. Nothing like firing up the imagination.

Well, from experience it’s pretty difficult to think positive when everything around you is hardly positive. This becomes an important area in your life in learning to deal with this.

The first stage is to look at just one thing you can do to make that day better.

Salespeople should prioritise daily activities that align with the inner change work they are doing on their Identity and beliefs, before even considering their goals. Focus on developing habits that likely involve creating daily routines that align with these objectives that are minimal changes.

Our program, as endorsed by Donald Muldrew from Cutlers Real Estate, exemplifies how a focus on these areas can lead to outstanding results in the competitive world of sales and develop salespeople who can see the possibilities for themselves is unlimited. To improve your skillset, consider embracing these principles and seeking out programs that can help you on your inner journey to success in your job and achieving those dreams and desires you want so badly.

Is it worth having a conversation about this for you or your team?

September 06, 2023

Grow Sales Revenue FAST

In our journey to sales success, confidence is key.

People in sales, especially, must remember this golden rule: 'Sell the meeting'

You might wonder, 'How do I do that?' The secret lies in not diving into the details of your product, business, or service during the initial call. Many of us make the mistake of starting to pitch our idea over the phone, but that's not the aim. The objective? To get your foot in the door, to meet the client face-to-face or via Zoom.

Also, remember these key things:

✔️ Don't sell the product on the initial call.
✔️ Focus on securing a meeting.
✔️ Avoid information overload.
✔️ The goal is the appointment, not the immediate sale of your service or product.

Sales is more than a transaction—it's about building relationships, understanding the client's needs, and knowing when to listen and when to speak. It requires a strategic approach where curiosity precedes the sales pitch.

Appointment setting is the stepping stone to these meaningful interactions. When done effectively, it opens pathways to potential clients and opportunities for dialogue and growth.
August 21, 2023

What Is Your Calls-to-meetings Ratio?

You probably make a lot of calls daily. But you don’t get the number of appointments you expect.

If this is happening to you, it’s probably time to revisit and change your script.

There is a way to get really good at appointment setting.


✅ The first thing is to analyse your call-to-meeting ratio
✅The second thing is get into the right mindset for Cold Calling.
✅Continually tweak your script to get the result
✅Be accountable!

It is worth spending time to develop a unique script that gets immediate interest without taking too long to communicate to the prospect that you want to meet them.

Prospects have very little patience to listen to you.

I remember when I looked at my numbers and analysed my call-to-meeting ratios, got my mindset sorted, it was all about strategy and continually tweaking my script to get the result. The same amount of calls but a higher meeting ratio!

This has also been implemented, time and again, by numerous salespeople who follow my frameworks for the mental side and to understand the strategy around script development, improving their call-to-meeting ratios.

The one thing that improved my call-to-meeting ratios was being accountable on a weekly basis.

I have a weekly focus sheet that will help you to identify the behaviors that stop you from making your calls.

I could see my progress on a weekly basis and I could also see my behaviors changing.
July 05, 2023

Mastering Appointment Setting: Unlocking the Psychology of Cold Calling

How would you like people to call you back to book a time to meet you after you leave a voicemail?

I just ran a training session on the Brain Science of Appointment Setting for McConnell Dowell.
Matthew Bourn
McConnell Bourn

We cold-called people to get meetings.

The first thing the team needed to understand was the psychology of a Cold Caller.

I owned my call centre and personally have made over 220,000 cold calls.
Sold door to door and understand the psychology that salespeople feel when being rejected.

The result
10 appointments booked in one hour
3 voicemails were left and 3 meetings were booked from those voicemails
We went through a mind management technique and moved towards the friction, the challenge.

The objective of the session: Have conversations, no targets.

The result
-The team had fun and began to understand the discipline to set aside time to prospect
-The discipline to stick to the script
-The discipline of selling the meeting not your knowledge

Understanding that the process they were taught can be applied to different parts of the sales process

The question to ask yourself is "What is one appointment worth to you?'
What would 5 meetings be worth to you?