June 03, 2024

Adapt or Become Easy Prey

The Rhythm of Life
A documentary by Netflix on the impact global warming has on the ability animals to adapt.
For example the Hare changes its color from winter to summer to blend into the environment to avoid predators.
Unfortunately the change in environmental conditions makes it very difficult for it to change fast enough from white in winter to a brown color in summer. So why does this become a problem?

Well if the climate is changing that rapidly it can’t change its color quickly enough.
The major problem for the Hare is survival. It becomes easy prey, it loses its camouflage advantage.

So what’s the lesson for leaders and salespeople?

You can’t escape change.
The climate will force change on you.
Technology will force change on you
Changing buyer behavior will force change on you
Competitors who now recognize that change is an advantage will hope you don’t & take market share

Change will expose your lack of ability to change and evolve.
Learning and adapting is actually an unfair advantage.
The opportunities are huge

What causes people to ignore the forces of change

Don’t be the like the Hare because it can’t change it’s white color in winter to brown in summer fast enough so it become easy prey.

The process of change will either be forced on you or you’ll willingly move towards it.
Your choice.
In fact if you think about it you don’t actually have a choice.

Look at your numbers. Primarily change comes from acceptance, it’s a psychological process.

One last lesson. The narrator said that the Hare had one last option to avoid being a meal, it had speed so it could run fast for a while to avoid the predators.
Reminds me of all the people who say work hard and you’ll eventually succeed, using old thinking…keep running.
Problem is it will eventually lead to you collapsing in a heap mentally and physically exhausted.

You can’t do that forever.
Run I mean…from change.