July 09, 2024

Tradition, Legacy, and the Pursuit of Excellence

Guess what I spotted at Dunedin airport?
The Black Jersey

What does this Jersey mean?

It depends who you ask I imagine

To teams that play the All Blacks they probably know that they’re going to be in for a battle

To NZ rugby players it’s what most aspire to become, to put that black jersey on or perhaps to create a legacy or to honour that legacy of all the greats that played before them and leave it in a better place once they have moved on.

The one thing that everyone can learn from is the standards that the All Blacks set is a continual drive for excellence and that winning is everything.

In an age where participation is rewarded without the pressure to get a result, have we become to soft and accepting of “AVERAGE or PARTICIPATION MEDALS?”

You either create a focus on winning or a focus on participation.

Which one do you prefer?

Is the focus on winning outdated?
Be great to get your comments.
Do you agree?