November 16, 2023

Adapting to Market Changes

We’ve seen this inability to adapt throughout 2023.

As the market has faltered, agents have started to cut back on their marketing.

The methods they used during the peak periods aren’t working. Instead of making adjustments, they just stop advertising entirely.

To them, it’s just wasted money.

The problem is that this creates space for the more resilient agents to step into.

These resilient agents have the ability to empathise with buyers and see what they’re going through. They don’t just see them as sales numbers.

They understand the psychology behind the decisions that buyers are making.

This allows them to reposition themselves. They’re no longer operating out of the need to make a sale.

Instead, they operate with the intention of helping the client. This practically delivers the deals to them.

That’s crucial for surviving during the bleaker market periods.

However, it also means that these resilient agents start taking over the space that the less resilient ones leave behind.

When the market rebounds, the resilient agent is in a position to capitalise.

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November 15, 2023

Sales Secret – Self-Awareness

So many real estate agents don’t want to accept the market for what it is.

That’s what leads to them sticking with the same behaviours and processes.

They’ve deluded themselves into thinking that the old techniques will work even though new challenges stare them in the face.

That’s a recipe for failure. As the reality of the market hits, the agent panics.

They can’t deal with the emotions that come along with the turmoil. Eventually, they go out of business.

Self-awareness is the key. Resilient agents have the ability to tune into their internal thoughts and emotions.

This means they have the emotional intelligence to confront the situation for what it is.

They can examine the facts around their faltering performance without panicking.

Instead, they step back, see what’s not working, and make the adjustments needed.