August 16, 2023

The Cognitive Secrets Behind Prospecting Success

Have you ever struggled to get motivated to make prospecting calls?

How do you feel when you think about making 50-60 calls every 3 hours…every day?

For many salespeople they see this as one part of their job they don’t like doing all the time.

Having a background in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy I started to understand the structure of our thoughts.

I started to examine the activities that I liked doing…in detail
The structure of my thoughts leading up to taking action on the activity I loved doing every day

There’s usually very little motivation required when there’s something you like doing…you just do it

Have you considered why is that?

-What if you weren’t allowed to do the activity you loved doing?
-How would that make you feel?
-What would be the emotional cost to you and would you be prepared to give it up?

Wouldn’t it be helpful to examine your thoughts about activities you like doing without thinking and what about the activities you don’t?

BIG Lesson Here:
You tend to overthink the activities that you don’t like doing, which stops you dead in your tracks from taking action