January 31, 2024

Building a Bulletproof Sales Psyche

Rejection. It's the word that sends shivers down spines and chills through conversations. In sales, it's not just a possibility, it's a daily reality. But here's the secret: your attitude towards rejection shapes your sales success more than any product knowledge or closing technique. So, let's dive into the psychology of rejection and build you a psyche that laughs in the face of "no."

First, understand that fear is a natural part of the sales game. We're all wired for connection, and rejection stings. But remember, a "no" is not a reflection on you. It's simply a decision, and often a decision based on factors beyond your control.

The common fears associated with rejection:

  • Fear of not being liked: The desire for universal approval can lead to excessive accommodation, compromising negotiation abilities. Remember, providing value often precedes likeability. Focus on building genuine connections while prioritising client needs.

  • Fear of failure: Unrealistic expectations of success can paralyse even the most skilled salesperson. Redefine success to encompass incremental progress and learning opportunities. Celebrate small wins and view "no" as an opportunity to refine your approach.

  • Fear of humiliation: Personalising rejection can trigger self-doubt and demotivation. Recognise that a "no" reflects the specific circumstances, not your personal worth. Maintain professional composure and shift focus towards the next prospect.

Remember, sales success is a marathon, not a sprint. Resilience and the ability to effectively navigate rejection are key determinants of long-term performance. By adopting a mindful approach, understanding the psychology of "no," and implementing these resilience-building strategies, you'll not only conquer the rejection monster but transform it into a catalyst for growth and achievement.
August 22, 2023

Why Having Mini Goals Matter

Simple answer

It’s easy to focus on the one objective
You take action
You get that instant gratification hit that we all like

Whenever you take any action even something as simple as organizing your desk or getting your calling list ready, you get momentum

Key point
You just need to know what that mini-goal is

Some examples are:
✅Make 30 calls
✅Have 2 conversations
✅Speak to a past client

Try it… you might find it liberating

July 17, 2023

Delayed Gratification: Unleashing the Power of Mental Toughness

Delayed gratification
Who is the best at it?

Novak Djokovic

Novak waited one whole year to come back and prove it.

How long can you let the fire rage in you without it consuming you?

That’s mentality. That’s control.
That’s going to a dark place.

Salespeople often ask me how do you develop this mental toughness. Is it just hard work?
Are you born this way?
Does your environment create this?

They are all factors that contribute to the mental toughness of an individual

One key emotional intelligence is how long can you put aside your need for instant gratification.

What many people fail to realise is the right training can develop this in you, the ability is there for most salespeople but untapped.

Can you play the long game?
Can you play a smart game?
Can you redefine your game so you don’t sound like everyone else?

Know yourself first.