October 24, 2023

The Power of CBT’s A-B-C Approach

Do emotions get the better of you?

The secret isn't in the situation, but rather in our minds.

Consider how many opportunities have you lost when you have worked so hard to get yourself into the position to make the sale and you lose it because you weren’t able to deal with your emotions and in fact your emotions got in the way.

CBT offers a fresh take on this.
The Psychologist Albert Ellis created a simple A-B-C approach.
Here is the framework:

A= Is the activating Event
B=The set of beliefs and attitudes that influence your behaviour you have
C=The resulting behaviour of consequence

Run situations that you struggle with through this model initially by yourself, when you start you won’t have the ability to self-correct in the moment, but when you do this enough times, you’ll be amazed how much control you have over your mind and self-talk.

First, spot what set off the feeling.
Identify the event that sparked the emotion. Was it a client's unexpected question or a sudden change in their demeanour?

Then, figure out what you're telling yourself about it (Self-Talk).
Are you doubting your product?
Are you questioning your preparation?
or are you feeling threatened by competition?

Lastly, think about where those thoughts might lead.
Ponder the potential outcomes of these thoughts.

Will they lead to a defensive response, a missed opportunity, or maybe even a strengthened rapport with the client?

The beauty of this method lies in its consistent application, which transforms each sales encounter into an opportunity to improve your skills and gain a deeper understanding of human interactions.

One of the biggest benefits to you is your heightened ability to Read The Emotions and Feelings of Others. How useful would that be as a skill?

So, when faced with a challenging sales moment, take a mental step back.

Evaluate, understand, and then proceed with newfound clarity and confidence.

One sale at a time.
Would you like to learn how to apply this process?