July 13, 2015


Earlier this week I met up with Dr Tom Johnson, author of Legends in Black, talking about what has made the All Blacks different to any other rugby team or in fact any team in the world and why they keep evolving and keep ahead of the competition. The impact of collective leadership on the culture along with a willingness to take risks, plays a key role in the All Blacks’ success.

Change, in the real world, equates to risk taking. It does not come naturally to a lot of people. It is the fear of the unknown that stops us from making a change or what we construe as taking a risk. Apply this to the corporate world and to individuals. How many organisations are hamstrung by their leaders who won't try new things? How often would you resist a new idea and not implement it?

Virginia Satir, often referred to as the ‘Mother of Family Therapy’, said the need for familiarity is stronger in people than they realise. An everyday example is people’s choice of music. It is a fact that songs that sound similar to other popular songs will sell more.  Although many people will claim they want to hear something new, but when given a choice, they will often prefer music similar to what they are familiar with.

Back to the All Blacks, their leadership embraces new ideas/change, this is one of the key reasons for their success as a sporting team, time and time again. There is a reason so many teams try to copy them. In fact, several rugby playing nations have a Kiwi as their coach!

Apply this aspect to your everyday life – embrace change, embrace new learnings, be open to new ideas and ways of doing things. Embrace success, the All Blacks’ way!