June 03, 2019

The Seven Personality Traits (That Successful Salespeople Share)

How would you describe your personality?

Every salesperson should have a very clear answer to this question. By knowing your strengths and weaknesses, you can see what you need to learn and what to eliminate from your life.

The world’s best salespeople know this. Here are some of the traits that they share:

1. Learning Goal Orientation

This is easily one of the most important traits that successful salespeople have. Rather than just focusing on performance, they’re looking to learn new things and perfect their game.

2. Conscientiousness

Meticulousness in their work is something that most salespeople long for. It helps to define clear goals and get results. Conscientious salespeople are often much more successful than the unconscientious.

3. Optimism

Good salespeople don’t just think that tomorrow will be good. They know it will. Research shows that optimistic salespeople outperform the pessimistic ones by 37%. This just proves how your self-talk and beliefs determine your results.

4. Grit

Even when it seems like your career isn’t moving forward, you need to keep pushing yourself. A salesperson is bound to hit a few rough patches, and it’s all about not giving up.

5. Empathy

Your goal isn’t to sell but to solve a problem. To do this, you must first understand the problem, which requires empathy.

6. Ego Drive

No, this doesn’t mean you have to be egoistic in order to succeed. Rather, it means that you’re driven by your own accomplishments. Closing a deal isn’t just about money for you, but it’s about personal satisfaction as well.

7. Ambiversion

Ambiversion is a sweet spot between introversion and extroversion. It means you know how to socialise and also to enjoy your alone time to the fullest. Having this trait lets a salesperson adapt to any situation.

Here’s the good news. All the above traits are something you can learn. If you were born with them, good for you. If not, all it takes is some time and practice.