Our Workshops

In addition to training programs, Frontier offers workshops in several areas of behaviour: Sales, Motivation, Leadership and Influence

What can we learn from the best in sport; specifically the All Blacks? Why is it they win more than any other team in the world?

Embracing the need to win brings about honesty about our purpose in life.

Our process of development within companies will provide some answers to the following questions that people have and want answers to:

  • What is it that compels individuals to win more than others in sport or in life?
  • How is that one person seems to win most of the time and the other person seems to lose all the time?
  • What do the All Blacks do, that can help us understand what a winning mindset is all about?
  • What is it about the culture of the All Blacks that helps them win?
  • Can decision making skills be taught?
  • What mental skills can be taught to create an All Black focus on winning?
  • What are the lessons for society, business and the family structure that we can learn to improve our quality of life?

Business leaders have to sell themselves, their company, products and services; are they trained to do this effectively from the shop floor to the C level?

This workshop is an intensive 2 days of focused learning and practical practice for the attendees. The attendees will learn the importance of understanding oneself in order to understand how to influence others.

The ability to know how one is thinking, feeling and the impact you are having on other people is a heightened skill in self- awareness. The ability also to develop attentive listening skills is one ingredient that the top influencers have in any field of business.

Understanding what to listen to and read between the lines is then take corrective action is what masterful influencers have. If you are involved in high stakes negotiations, legal matters in court, retail sales or business to business sales, or you are psychologist or therapist, or a parent or teacher wanting to influence a person’s thinking, you will require training that teaches you how people think.

The ability to rationally evaluate signals from people and from your own thoughts and feelings and develop true self awareness of self and others is one of the keys to successful influence. You will also learn the power of the unconscious in influence and how we are ruled by our past thinking in making decisions. You will also learn how to utilise symbolic language to bypass conscious resistance and have people agree to your demands.

The psychology of successful cold calling There are several psychological factors that one has to be aware in order to be to be successful in cold calling people to get appointments. Many people start with unrealistic expectations of what they will achieve by this activity. Script development is a key factor in successful appointment setting. Learn how to truly understand the pain your target market is experiencing and how to communicate that professionally, without looking or sounding desperate for the business. There are key things we teach you one is really understanding what are the key pain issues your market is experiencing.

We will workshop with the attendees to develop a script that works for your target market. One of the important factors in script development is can anyone virtually pick up the script with some training start getting a similar result. The other key area for success is confident objection handling. This is often a key factor if you get the appointment or not.

The other area we address are teaching the attendees how to handle rejection, being told by many that they don’t want to meet you or even talk to you is a skill that many people need to develop. The ability to bounce back from rejections to make and extra call with positive attitude and positive expectation. Our inner attitudes play a major factor on our resilience factors. In this workshop we also show you specific strategies to developed resilience, when to recgonise that your are slipping into the wrong mindset and to trigger yourself out of that fast. This education will also help you in much other areas of your business and personal lives.

An area that will also be addressed is having a clear understanding of why you are doing this it in the first place, what do you want to achieve. Having a clear understanding of why you are calling will help you to make that one more call, which can often be the difference between success and failure.

We also provide the attendee measure tools they can take make to the workplace that provide information and statistics on you calling routines. We often find issues are generally identified once stats are being recorded. As they say, if you can’t measure you can’t improve it.

In this workshop the primary objective is to each the attendees 30 key strategies to virtually overcome any objection. In today’s world if you are selling b2c or b2 b the customer is now more demanding and more informed than ever before. The Internet has somewhat created a level playing field, where the customer often has more knowledge of your product or service and its cost than sometimes the person working in that business. Objection handling is not only is about handling objections but about maintaining an empowered state of mind to stay calm and rationally handle the objection and provide an exit point for the customer. It requires an understanding of the emotional component of objections, the language structures and the motivation strategy of the client. Without a deep understanding how emotions override logic in overcoming objections, most sales people play a numbers game without improving their closing ratios over time. This training will fast track your understanding across human behaviour and teach skills in overcoming objections fats and utilsie overt and covert objection handling strategies and word tracks. Anyone who experiences objections in their line of work and would like to become confident and handling any objection without any fear or doubt in their mind.

The Psychology of Motivation and Goals is a workshop that is suitable for people who are wanting to go to another level, who want certain outcomes and are motivated to do whatever it takes to get them.

The workshop will not only examine these goals rationally but also assist the attendee to understand goal attainment is driven by correct behaviours. It is true most people do know what they want, yet there is something that stops them from taking the correct action to move towards those goals. What are the behaviours and thoughts that are stopping you. Most people who will attend this workshop have a clear idea of that they want, they have the capability, yet a gap exists between where they are now and where they want to be. We will help you identify the gap and then throughout the workshop you will learn how to control your thoughts to control your behaviours to control your emotions to achieve your outcomes. We will be teaching you how to break old ineffective habits and replace them with new ones, so the change that is implemented eventually becomes permanent.

It must be stated that this workshop is not for people who are suffering from depression or anxiety, this is not a group therapy workshop.

So what is the mindset of winning? The content that is taught in the workshop has been developed from a mixture of sources. Some from theory, research from areas of neuroscience, psychology, therapy and hypnosis and a lot from real experiences in the field in sales. A lot of the mental processes were discovered, fined tuned or adapted by me in learning how to deal and overcome mental challenges in selling. All the highs and lows were learning points. One of the key attributes we find with people who have a strong mindset is Mental Resilience. Mental Resilience is often talked about in sport, when people say he is mentally tough or he is a relentless character who just won’t’ give up. This training develops resilience in terms of developing better coping skills or attributes. We will also have you confront and examines your environmental factors from your past that have had a an influence on your current behaviours and understand how the environment has shaped you and your thinking processes. I would have to admit my failures taught me a lot more than the successes I experienced, my growth as an individual was in proportionate how many times I failed and what lesson I learnt. The truth about you forces you to confront the truth and what you have to change in your thought processes in order to achieve your goals or outcomes. The central skill you will learn is how to control your thinking domain where most of your potential lies. One word of caution is this workshop is only for people who are interested in getting out of their comfort zones and will accept responsibility for the results they have currently achieved thus far. In other words accept that it is your current thinking has got you where you are now.

What are some of the secrets of people who can read people? How do some people just know what you are thinking and you find yourself suddenly totally immersed in that person’s world? How are emotions triggered in the body and signalled to others? This workshop is suitable for people who are involved in any form of deal making, from sales, both face to face in business or to consumer to barristers and solicitors. If you are communicating one to one or one to many then it is important to have a highly tuned radar that identifies changes in body language in others to identify changes in thinking by your client or board presentation. This workshop will also teach the attendee the importance of culture body language movements also. The other benefit for attendees who enrol in the course will be the heightened ability to feels ones emotions in their own body and understand the meaning of these emotions and utilise them in decision making. For example if they are feeling tense or if their gut feeling tells them they need to be aware that something is not right. You will learn how to use that feeling. The importance of reading body language to identify deception is from other people and from yourself, which can also be called self- deception is a valuable skill for anyone.

Emotional Intelligence is a part of you that affects every aspect of your life. Understanding the root causes of your emotions and how to use them can help you to effectively identify who you are and how you interact with others. At the heart of a human being are emotions, feelings, and the behavioural outcomes that come from those inner workings. What if people had the awareness to understand that every moment is one of choice, much of which is unconscious and habitual? The evidence is now clear that people skills are far more important than IQ when it comes to the bottom line. The evidence behind the study of emotional intelligence gave way to language that encouraged the ability to talk about feelings, and their effect on workplace relationships. These so-called soft skills are now seen by today’s corporate leaders as essential to a productive and resilient workplace and this affects the company’s profits as well. This program is designed to provide you with the knowledge and tools to develop your emotional intelligence. You’ll learn how to avoid self-sabotaging outcomes by altering how you perceive and respond to emotionally-charged situations.

The workshop was tremendously successful and I want to thank you for the delivery of the content. Your interactive scenario-based style of teaching moved us closer to achieving our objective by building a bridge between the classroom and a real world financial advice and planning context.
Julie Knutsen,Lecturer, Griffith Business School, Griffith University