August 30, 2023

Selling to Digital People: Are You Equipped with Precision, Patience, and Facts?

Have you ever had a client who values precision, relies heavily on facts and numbers, and takes their time in their decision-making process?

You've probably interacted with a 'Digital Person'.

These individuals are a bit like the accountants in our midst. They enjoy the clarity of formal conversations, and they don't let emotions take the driver's seat. While it might seem that they're distant, rest assured, they're just laser-focused on the specifics of the deal you're discussing.

Digital People are big on planning. They work with comprehensive to-do lists and have a robust structure to their work. But this love for organization and data can sometimes be their Achilles heel, causing them to get stuck in the planning phase. They can analyze and overthink, leading to a delay in action.

And here's an interesting quirk - they're their own conversation partners! When discussing with you, they might drift off into their thoughts, dissecting and understanding your words. So, if you see them zoning out, just give them a moment. They're internally processing the information.

When selling to a Digital Person, your secret weapons are precision, facts, and patience. Remember to present your argument logically, respect their need for clear information, and allow them the space to think it over.

Sales success comes from understanding our clients better and adapting our approach. And to do that, we need to continue learning and developing our skills.