August 15, 2019

How Sara Blakely’s Success Story Can Inspire You as a Salesperson

Spanx founder Sara Blakely has a lot on her plate.

A busy mom of four kids, she also happens to run a billion-dollar business. As an entrepreneur and saleswoman, she’s reached the pinnacle.

That makes her the perfect person to inspire you to your own success.

Here are the two lessons that Blakely’s learned along the way.

Lesson #1 – Confront Your Fear

Fear destroys your motivation and limits your progress. You can become so wrapped up in it that you end up stagnating.

When you’re scared of taking risks, you can’t evolve as a salesperson. And that means you’ll never adapt to the challenges that lie in front of you.

Blakely realised this early on. She says:

“I was terrified to jump like I did. But I learned that if you aim high, you can achieve more than you ever knew you could.”

Most people fear change so much that they only do it when confronted by a crisis.

Don’t be one of them. If you confront your fear and change before the crisis hits, you’re always one step ahead of your fellow salespeople.

Lesson #2 – Search for the Positive

You cannot control everything that happens to you.

Every so often, life will throw an unexpected wrench into the works. And when that happens, you can end up feeling downbeat.

If you’re not careful, this could lead to you spiralling into the pessimism that makes it so hard to become a great salesperson.

Blakely takes a philosophical look at life’s unexpected occurrences:

“When something I can’t control happens, I ask myself: where is the hidden gift? Where is the positive in this?”

The moments that you can’t control offer lessons that can help you to improve.