August 02, 2023

Sales Success – It’s a numbers game or is it?

The funny thing is that every successful salesperson I have trained knows it's only one-half of the equation.

The salesperson looking for the easy answer is fooled by thinking it's all about hard work.

Let me make it straightforward for sales directors, sales managers and salespeople who really want to understand how the top salespeople keep hitting their numbers consistently.

Most sales training is about fixing an issue that is blocking the road to sales. So the easy variable is to increase the number of calls.

Example 2 + X +=4, X is the issue. To Solve the problem, you have to figure out what X is and you come up with 2. You have used deductive reasoning.

What about when I add another issue? SAY Mindset?

X+Y=8, now there are 2 issues, X and Y. The problem is now you don't have enough information to figure out the combination of the variables. The problem is solved by creativity and assumptions. So if you assume a value for one variable say hard work for X, you may have enough information to deduce the second variable, the Y.

The second variable of why the salesperson is so successful could be:
Strong Purpose
Emotional Comfort
Supporting Beliefs
High Courage

Most salespeople when they observe a successful salesperson pay attention to the wrong things. It's the thing inside their head that you have to try and figure out.