July 09, 2019

Your Sales Might Be Low Because You’re Not Making Time for Yourself

Check online for advice on how to improve your sales and you’ll come across dozens of techniques.

There’s so much advice for writing scripts and how to present yourself. You’ll come across even more advice about negotiating and how to emphasise a product’s benefits.

That’s all important stuff and you absolutely need to learn how to do those things.

But there’s one key to success in sales that many “experts” overlook…

It All Starts With You

If you’re not taking care of yourself, your sales performance will inevitably struggle.

You have to consider both your mental and physical state when selling.

Your Mental State

On a mental level, your emotions play a key role in sales performance. Contrast how you talk and how you carry yourself when you’re stressed to when you feel invigorated.

Stress drains you of your energy and makes you unpleasant to talk to. The burdens you carry drag your mood down and they manifest as self-doubt when you’re selling.

Potential clients can see that stress. And whether they mean to or not, they may associate your stress with the product you’re selling.

A little mindfulness can go a long way to helping you overcome emotional issues. The Frontier Guided Meditation system can help here.

Your Physical Wellbeing

It’s so easy to lose sight of physical wellbeing when you work in sales.

You’re so focused on work that time just gets swallowed up. You don’t have time for yourself because you’re spending it all on chasing the next dollar.

But you may not realise that physical fitness feeds directly into sales performance.

Drew Stevens Ph.D. proved this. He examined 300 sales professionals to see what difference a good diet and exercise made on their performance.

His study showed an 81% improvement in performance after six weeks spent on a special exercise program.