June 18, 2020

Put Your Goal in a Question

Your mind is a powerful machine. With anything you do, the way you approach it makes all the difference. Prepare your mind in the right way and you can accomplish any goal.
There are many ways to put yourself in the right mindset. In this post, I’d like to focus on a simple technique that can jump-start your mind and move you towards a goal.

A while back, I demonstrated this technique to the sales people we train. I discuss a number of tools for accomplishing goals and the sales people find this one to be particularly useful.
It’s all about the way you phrase the goal in your mind. Instead of saying what you want to accomplish, you should frame the goal in the form of a question.

Let’s say that you want to make a million dollars in six months. In this case, you’d ask:
“How can I make a million dollars in the next six months?”

Similarly, if you want to get fit, the question would be:
“How do I get fit?”

You get the idea.
It’s all about using the word “how.” It’s a very powerful word that immediately puts your mind into problem-solving mode. Instead of wishing for your goals to happen, you start thinking about how you can actually achieve them.

After asking your question, you should write down 10 actions that you can take. They don’t have to be anything massive, just something that will get you closer to the goal.

And finally, once you have your list of actions, choose one that you’ll commit to today. It’s best to start small and choose something you can easily do right now. Little by little, you’ll find yourself taking all the necessary steps you need to achieve your goal.
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