July 01, 2024

Get Ahead in Sales: Learn the Psychology of Client Decisions

How you can influence people without the aggravation and be one step ahead?

Would you like to know how?
Become a human pattern recognition expert?
Because patterns become habitual,
Which means people become predictable in their responses.

Think about all the decisions you make on a daily basis without any deep thought?
If someone observed you and were skilled in this area they would have a blueprint of you, their operating system.

Well that process that you go through, even in the process of buying a coffee has a particular structure. If you can identify the process it can provide you an insight on what is the ideal way to communicate to a client, especially so you’re understood easily.

In a training session with the team at Adrian Williams I ran through a profiling system and key questions that get people talking.

When you do this well you can start to get a “Read” on the client. This allows you to build trust and quickly establish an emotional connection.

How many times have you struggled to communicate your point of difference so the client gets it fast and engages with you?

There’s a reason why clients default to price conversations.

This is a normal bias by clients and one that salespeople need to be aware of and learn to prevent it happening.

Once you learn to identify it, you’ll see that the clients whole mental world is structured in patterns.

Imagine knowing …
-How the client knows how they like something
-How they make decisions
-What sequence of thoughts are required for them to say yes

The key thing is that everyone operates in a code, like a software operating system.
When you know what keys to push and what keys to avoid it’s surprising how fast a client will make a decision to go with you.

Sounds interesting?

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