July 10, 2023

Professionals vs Juniors: A Deep Dive into the Differences | Business & Performance Psychology

What’s the difference between Professionals vs Junior’s?

I was sitting down with a friend at the United Cup here in Sydney watching 2 tennis players battle it out over 3 hours and his comment was “ gee that match took a long time, couldn’t one of them hit a few more winners and close out the match?”

This is a similar question to what I get asked by salespeople all the time about magic closing lines, a silver bullet, something that will work every time with every client.

I said to him if you want to watch flashy tennis just go to a junior tournament and you’ll see juniors hitting the ball harder and going for shots that just don’t make any sense, it’s like they want to make a highlight reel for a movie!

Professional tennis players play tennis like a game of chess. Never overplaying but testing the other player and looking to create an opportunity…strategy and patience are key attributes.

It’s funny the better they get at developing their mind the better they get at winning and improving their ranking.
Seems to go hand in hand.

It’s similar to high-performing salespeople. They do the fundamentals well and the art is their ability to read the client and situation and adapt at the moment… being present and adaptive.

You’ll find these sales-peoples level of emotional intelligence is at a higher level than the average salesperson who just grinds it out every day…

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