July 15, 2015


Today I ran a session on how to overcome resistant clients who won’t meet you or consider your product or service and how we need to understand that most objections are smoke screens. The session was important for a number of reasons as to why sales people often give up at the first objection.

  • What are the realistic expectations of a cold call?

  • What do you expect clients to say if they don’t even know who you are?

  • Many of the clients who you have sold to probably had the same objection but you sold to them, so what did you do that was different?

  • Is it my fear of not saying what is actually on my mind and not communicating that with precision and certainty that is stopping me?

From my point of view the ability to handle and overcome objections is usually based upon our skill level. Do you have the training that teaches you to overcome objections and how much practice do you put into that?

Practice does make you better, professional sports people do it so why don’t you?