May 15, 2019

The New York Yankees’ Secret to Success (What Salespeople Can Learn)

What’s the first team that comes to mind when you think of baseball?

For most of us outside of the United States, it’s the New York Yankees. And with good reason too as the Yankees have achieved near-constant success over the years.

Even when they’re not winning competitions like the World Series, their qualities always seem to put them in the running.

Many point to a huge budget as the reason behind their success.

But I believe there’s a lot more to it than that.

The Yankees win because they take the initiative.

You Need More Than Resources to Achieve Success

Having a lot of money doesn’t automatically make a team great. It’s how the team uses that money that’s most important.

In the Yankees’ case, they’ve always used the resources and tools at their disposal wisely. In the modern era, practically every decision they make has data to back it up.

They’ve taken the initiative to ensure they use their tools as effectively as possible.

As a salesperson, your tools include your natural talents and the techniques you’ve learned during your career.

But it’s not enough to have those tools.

You need to take the initiative to figure out which of those tools works best for which situation. And when none of your tools do the job, you have to take the initiative again to create new tools.

Having an abundance of resources can lead to you becoming lazy.

You lose your sense of urgency and stop learning new things. Then, you’re in a difficult place when the resources you have don’t work anymore.

The Yankees learned how to use their money more effectively when simply having lots of it wasn’t enough.

You need to take the initiative and change your strategies and behaviour when your existing tools aren’t doing the job.