Motivation & Leadership

Leadership is the ability to motivate, inspire and move people towards a common goal. It is often confused with management. It is a skill some possess naturally but for most it takes conscious and continual effort to develop proficiency. Leadership is a journey, not a destination and it takes a certain mindset for success.

Studying great leaders in all fields of endeavour, from top-level sport to politicians and captains of industry, the team at Frontier have developed a unique motivation and leadership training program.

Frontier’s training goes beyond traditional leadership topics to change you as an individual by working on memory formation (where habits reside), functions of the brain, cognitive therapy, emotional engagement and leadership behaviour codes.

This training will make a lasting change to your mindset, helping you to develop and retain a winning, growth-oriented psychological framework.

Traditional training tends to overlook the influence of the unconscious thoughts of the individual. Some of these thoughts can be triggered by the work environment or childhood influences such as parents. These influences are often barriers when pursuing goals and can hijack our logic. They prompt self-sabotaging patterns of behaviour, where fear and uncertainty affect our actions or inactions.