August 23, 2019

Michael Dickson – The NFL Punter Who Can Teach You How to Change the Game

Have you heard of Michael Dickson?

Those who follow the National Football League in the United States know exactly who he is. The boy from Sydney has made a name for himself in the sport because of his phenomenal kicking ability.

Players like Dickson inspire me because they’re able to rise above the competition and achieve amazing things.

And he’s gotten me thinking about game changers.

Dickson’s kicking ability is a game changer. But what does the term mean in a sales context?

Disrupting the Playbook

Dickson specialises in punting the ball.

As a strategy, punting’s been around for as long as the game of American football. It’s a cornerstone of the game.

And it’s become very predictable.

Teams have entire playbooks dedicated to both sides of the punt formation. That means they’re ready to deal with what’s going to happen.

But the playbook goes out of the window when it comes to Dickson. He’s such an unpredictable force in the game that there’s no way to anticipate exactly what he’ll do.

He’s a game changer because he’s literally changing how players approach defence in the NFL.

Here’s what you need to appreciate. As a player, Dickson’s essentially disrupting an industry. He’s doing something that’s forcing others to evolve and adapt to his approach.

They haven’t yet, which is why he’s so far ahead of the punting pack right now.

As a salesperson, you can do exactly what he’s doing. You have the ability to disrupt your entire industry.

Let’s say you work in real estate. You’re probably working from the same scripts now that salespeople worked from 20 years ago.

You know the game needs to change.

But there’s a difference between recognising the need for change and actually making a change.

Michael Dickson has put a change into action. He’s open to playing football in brand new ways.

Take the same approach in sales. Do something different and make yourself stand out.