June 04, 2019

What Makes the New York Yankees The Most Successful Baseball Team (Can Make a World of Difference to Sales Performance)

Whether you’re a fan of baseball or not, the New York Yankees probably ring a bell.

The legendary Major League Baseball (MLB) team has won 27 World Series championships so far, which is more than double their closest pursuer.

Even those Americans in other parts of the country who can’t stand the Yankees would admit that they are the definition of excellence.

But why is this the case? How come no other MLB team is even close historically?

This goes back to the glory days of the New York Yankees when one of the secrets to their success was the scouting. It’s by far the most rigorous of the time, which ensured that only the best of the best made the cut.

Their scouting system had one leader monitoring 20 staff members all year round. Moreover, there were more than 100 bird dogs who scouted talent in odd places as a part-time job for commissions.

Three times a year, the Yankees held tryouts in their famous stadium. Around 900 people would give their best to make the cut, but only 25 at most would get a chance to advance.

At the same time, other teams set the bar much lower, accepting more than double this number of potential players.

This exclusivity is the main reason why the Yankees’ a stellar reputation carries on to this day.

In sales, the dominant mindset should follow suit. You need to do everything in your power to make sure you’re above the competition.

Most salespeople are inherently competitive, which is why you need to fight for your spot.

Once you understand that you’re in competition with everyone, you’ll have the drive to become the best. A performance boost will be only one of the many benefits.