August 09, 2019

Learn about Passion from Anita Roddick and Succeed in Sales

Anita Roddick’s passing in 2007 was a true tragedy for the health and beauty industry.

For years, she’d built the Body Shop to the point where it’s now a global leader in the sector. Just one year before she passed, Roddick sold her stake in the company for over $1 billion.

Why am I telling you all of this?

In looking back at Roddick’s career, I’ve discovered that she embodied something that all salespeople should aspire to.

Let me explain.

The Passion to Achieve More

Roddick’s entire career came from a passion to do something remarkable with her life.

That passion wasn’t to build a billion-dollar business. If anything, that was just a side effect.

Roddick’s true passion was to create a greener world for everybody to live in. Through her work with the Body Shop, she focused on creating sustainable products.

And in doing so, she created a brand that millions of people connect with.

Therein lies the lesson for salespeople.

You can know a product or business inside out and have no passion for it. That technical knowledge will get you so far. But eventually, you’ll hit a barrier that you can’t overcome.

Your lack of passion means that you don’t have the drive to push past whatever obstacle gets in your way. That means you stop trying to adapt and end up stagnating.

Roddick’s passion ensured that the Body Shop never became like every other health and beauty brand.

Your passion needs to ensure you don’t become like every other salesperson.

It’s so important that you love what you do so that you can feel that drive to keep learning. That constant education will help you adapt to a market’s evolution.

Plus, it offers insight into what your customers really need from you.