July 03, 2019

How to Learn from Mistakes? Two Lessons for Salespeople

Every single one of us will make a mistake at some point in our lives.

It’s human nature. Nobody’s perfect and you can end up grinding yourself down if you strive for nothing less than perfection all of the time.

Your mistakes aren’t an excuse to stop trying. And they don’t define you. 

In fact, they’re learning opportunities. The best salespeople understand that they need to learn from their mistakes if they’re going to succeed.

Here are two lessons about mistakes for you to take into your work.

Lesson #1 – Examine the Outcomes in Your Life

Where is the path that you’re taking leading you?

It’s an important question that far too few salespeople ask themselves. We get so wrapped up in trying to hit targets that we don’t see the effects that our decisions have on our outcomes.

Examining your outcomes offers you some perspective. Your goal is to figure out what you want to achieve and how far away you are from reaching that goal.

Our mistakes lead us away from our goals. But sometimes, we don’t even realise that we’re not on the right path. By taking a step back to examine your outcomes, you may end up realising that you need to change course.

Lesson #2 – Just Move On

Imagine that you made a mistake with a client last week.

Would that mistake still weigh on your mind today? What about in a month’s time?

Constantly carrying the burden of your mistakes drains you emotionally. It leaves you feeling stressed and depleted, which has a direct effect on your sales performance.

When you make a mistake, take a little time to examine where you went wrong and what you could do differently.

After that, move on!

Don’t allow a mistake to define your interactions with other clients.