April 25, 2023

Knowing your numbers gives you insights into your behaviours

Knowing your numbers gives you insights into your behaviours...namely what you believe you can achieve?

Have you ever been second-guessing yourself?
The problem is when you do this your thinking emotionally and making wrong decisions as the only way to do this accurately is to know your numbers.

In a recent training session at Porsche, I ran the team through a session on the Psychology of Personal Performance and Goal Attainment
How many times have you tried to set your goals only to lose motivation and feel like you can never achieve what you think you can?

What’s the difference between one person who never ever seems to give up and makes progress towards their goals and the other person who lacks even the drive to think about their goals let alone take action?

The first step is to sit down and go through all the aspects of your life and begin to understand the process of thinking about your goals.
NOTE: I said thinking which is the first step.
The second step -think about your sales numbers.

We’ve all heard that numbers provide you with an idea of what your call-to-meet and deal-closing ratios are. Knowing these are crucial to monitor your progress towards eventually achieving your goal.

What most salespeople don’t think about is that numbers also provide insights into your thinking and behaviours and importantly your motivation.

When you think about your behaviours you’ll see that they are a series of actions that lead to a result. Importantly they also provide an insight into the attitude you had when taking action.
Think about those thoughts and see what action you took.
Were your intentions moving you towards your goals or moving away?
If you look deeply at your numbers from a rational point of view you’ll realize that it’s a series of small actions.