Keynotes and Masterclasses

Bite-sized training that packs a punch – motivating and inspiring diverse audiences. Perfect for large audiences or small teams with limited budgets.

Instant impact

Impart one key skill or message to your team or leaders - driving fast capability shifts.

Memorable experiences

Interactive workshops that ensure ideas are retained and remembered.

World-class delivery

CJM facilitators and speakers artfully capture attention and engage.


Inspire your leaders and teams

Targeted impact

Short form deliveries are perfect for driving impact in one key skill. Whether you want to focus on storytelling or boost confidence we can tailor a masterclass or keynote to suit your group size.

Engaging conference speakers

Our tailored keynotes motivate at sales kick-offs, inspire change at a company gathering and engage clients at conferences. Keynotes achieve significant impact - on a large scale - within short timeframes.

Impactful tailored masterclasses

Masterclasses are ideal for large teams with limited availability, or small teams with limited budgets. CJM facilitators provide bitesize workshops that shift capability without taking team away from the desk for too long.

Renowned speaker
Pancho Mehrotra

With other 30-years experience under his belt our Co-Founder Pancho is a well-respected keynote speaker in Australia. Known for his unique cartooning skills and transformative messaging.

Trusted by leading companies


Tailored keynotes and masterclasses

Our masterclasses and keynote deliveries are tailored to the organisation or event needs and focus on a mixture of these key areas of expertise.


Boost impact and influence skills - drive goals.

Develop the ability to engage, inspire and influence others in meetings, presentations, 1:1 or pitching. Ensuring every message counts.


Develop visionary and adaptive leaders.

How to manage change and inspire others to meet ambitious goals. Realigning thinking and driving innovation.


Maintain energy levels and high-performance

Support leaders to reduce stress. Providing them actionable techniques and measurable tools to manage competing demands.