April 18, 2024

Is The Salesperson Maximising Their Potential?

Out of the four attributes the ability to be coached is one of the keys to progression and can be measured.

The coachable person is open to feedback and curious about what is holding them back. It’s important that the principal and agent understand being highly competitive also has drawbacks, unless one is aware of their competitive nature, because that person may often see criticism as a threat.

The important lesson here is when hiring new salespeople, the manager or principal need to identify the weaknesses in their salespeople.

These weaknesses can be a liability but can be turned into strengths if the person is willing to learn. It's one thing to be told about your weaknesses and its quite another to be able to work on them.

The point to note is that if the individual does not have the attributes of a high achieving salesperson, no amount of training and processes will make any difference to the bottom line until the underlying attributes and behaviours are addressed.