May 25, 2015


The third and final prerequisite for influencing successfully is to develop flexibility in communicating with others.

  1. The ability to read and understand others

  2. The ability to read oneself

  3. Develop flexibility in communication with others

One of the keys to influence is the ability to relate to all types of people, from a child to a CEO. I have often said that the best sales people are the people who talk very little and listen well. Their full attention is on you and you feel as though there is no one else but you that matters to them at that moment in time. So:

  1. They listen with their full attention on every word you say.

  2. They can see the client’s point of view, even though they may not agree with it and they have the ability to explain their position to the client so the client understands it.

  3. They have the language skill and sensitivity to adapt their communication style to match that of the client, like a chameleon. This is what they call Emotional Intelligence.

Putting it all together makes for a very persuasive, attractive individual who people want to deal with and be around You could describe these individuals as the honey that attracts bees, without even trying.

Look out for my next article which will be about the Psychology of Successful Goal Setting.