August 22, 2019

The Importance of Growth in Sales and Beyond – Larry Page’s Thoughts on Change

As the founder and CEO of Google, Larry Page is one of the world’s most powerful people.

He’s created a technological dynasty that’s the envy of millions.

But what you may not realise is that he has plenty to teach you about how to be a better salesperson. While he may not work in sales directly himself, Page is part of an industry that’s constantly evolving.

The fast pace of the tech world puts him and the team at Google under constant pressure.

And it’s the same sort of pressure that you face every day in sales.

You need to come up with new ideas and access your creativity to hit targets. You strive to improve every day so you can reach new heights in your career.

Larry Page shares that same drive. And he says that there’s one thing that’s extremely important if you’re looking to grow and improve.

Embrace the Uncomfortable

Page does world-changing work with Google. According to him, there’s something you need to do if you’re going to make changes on that scale:

“What is the one-sentence summary of how you change the world? Always work hard on something comfortably exciting.”

That advice is just as relevant for a salesperson who wants to change as it is for a major entrepreneur.

All changes require you to embrace something uncomfortable. You’re taking on a risk and moving away from what you’ve been for a certain amount of time.

It’s a scary thing. And it’s likely that you’ll have misgivings along the way.

But if you’re to truly change your behaviour so you improve your approach to sales, you have to embrace that discomfort.

Don’t let it dissuade you from making the changes that you have to make.